Step by Step…How to Apply for your Connecticut Pistol Permit

Applying for your Connecticut Pistol Permit can be a daunting and confusing process. Many people come to us and have no idea how to go about it. So, here is the State of Connecticut Pistol Permit process, step by step:

    1. Everyone applying for a Connecticut Pistol Permit must take a state approved safety course. The course must include Live Fire range time.
    2. Go to your local police department and pick up the application. Make sure you go at the specified time and days that your local police department sets. We suggest you physically go and get the application and don’t download it from the internet. You may not get the right version or your local police department may have other specific requirements you may not get from downloading it online.
    3. Fill out the application, honestly. It is a felony to lie on this form. Disclose any and all information asked for on this form. They will find out if you had a DUI 10 years ago and, if you’re honest it may not prevent them from issuing a permit, but if you lie you will be denied. The form must be notarized.
    4. Go back to your local police department to hand in the application. Bring with you your processing payments, forms of ID, Firearms Safety Course certificate and any other documents required by your local police department.
    5. Wait. By law your local police department has 8 weeks to either approve or deny your application. To be clear, nearly all police departments do not follow this. Your permit could take up to 20+ weeks to be approved!
    6. Upon approval, you will receive a 60 Day Temporary Pistol Permit. Before you can purchase or carry you must take that temporary permit and payment to one of three DESPP locations. State Police Barracks G in Bridgeport, CT, State Police Barracks E in Montville, CT or DESPP Headquarters in Middletown, CT. At that time you will be issued the laminated permit and your process is over.

Congratulations you have received your Connecticut Pistol Permit and have survived the bureaucracy that is state government.

There is one more thing to cover before I close and that is, what if I was denied? By law the State of Connecticut has created the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE). The BFPE has 7 members appointed by the Governor and they listen to all appeals regarding denials and revocations. Denials or revocations must be appealed within 90 days.

I hope that helps and answers some questions.  Ready to move forward with Step 1?

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