Multi-State Combo Courses

3 Pistol Permit Courses that can be taken individually or combined:

Multi-State Combo Course Pricing:

$125….Per course

$225….Pick any 2 states pistol permit courses

$325….All 3 states pistol permit courses

Why Choose a Multi-State Combo Course?

  • Save time!  Much of the information presented during these classes is the same.  By combining them we are able to present all of the information seamlessly and without repeating the same thing over and over.
  • Save money!  Save $25 when combining 2 classes, save $50 when combining all three classes.
  • If you ever plan to travel with your firearm this is the only way to do it legally.

Class Format:

Pick a day that works for you and pay a $25 deposit (or pay in full, it’s up to you).

I will send you an email with all of the class details & instructions – be sure to check it out, there’s some important stuff in there!

Class Start Times:

Tuesday – Friday

Utah: 8am start time

CT: 9:30am start time

Mass: 9:30am start time

Saturday & Sunday

Utah: 7:30am start time

CT: 9am start time

Mass: 9am start time

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